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Traffic Display System Products

Variable Message Signs are playing more and more important role in intelligent traffic system (ITS) nowadays and are widely used to convey road traffic and other public service information to drivers through text, graphics and (or) numbers.

VMS information guides drivers to do flexible adjustment in advance to avoid heavy congestion, accidents, road work and other road conditions, thus improving traffic efficiency to save time and ensure safety.

YAHAM full-matrix variable message signs are assembled by VMS modules and can meet various size requirements, including gantry VMS, cantilever VMS, single pillar VMS, etc.



Portable Variable Message Signs(PVMS)are quite more common
used for the traffic warning information of road & bridge construction, fire-fighting, parking lots,ect.
Portable display makes the traffic information easier to show to the driver,remind them to focus on their driving speed, weather, road situation,and so on.
These can reduce the traffic accidences.
The traffic control center can insert the emergency traffic information from far away.

Applying the solar power supply system can offer a longer service time. Yaham Extreme energy saving LED sign work with the unique energy saving technologies, the new lowest level has been complete.
Not only can maintain the high brightness of the display information,
but the display time can be extended.



General YHT PIDS provides real-time train arrival and departure information, operational and commercial messages to passengers via the display units in passageways, at entrances, platforms and concourses of railway stations. Control The Passenger Information Display(PID) control shall be performed either remotely by the Station Passenger Information Computer (SPIC) and Central Passenger Information Computer (CPIC), or locally via a wireless infra-red controller.



In daily operation of city traffic, LED variable message sign (VMS) has become an essential role. It provides clear and distinguishable road instructions to the driver and enables immediate establishment of urgent control information from traffic control center. All these advantages lead to a wide range of application of LED VMS worldwide.

The Speed Limit Signs can remind the driver ahead road speed limits, it can make traffic to be orderly.



PaTraffic road indicator sign consists of guidepost and LED strip lights. Not only it can show the route to drivers to remind road directions ahead but also the LED strip lights in the middle can show real-time road conditions: congestion (red), crowd (yellow) and smooth (green) to remind drivers to choose efficient route.





YAHAM was founded in 2002, headquarters in Shenzhen, dedicates to design and develop professional LED display & LED lighting products. With more than 18 years experience from R & D team members, we do our best to serve customer all the time.


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